Thursday, February 10, 2011

World Culture Festival

This July, the Art of Living Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary with a grand celebration in Berlin, Germany. On the agenda is a veritable list of events, each one promising to be grand and spectacular!

Mesmerizing parades of various countries, each one showcasing its culture and heritage through music, dance, and gorgeous costumes; talks by distinguished world leaders and personalities about fostering peace and dialogue; artistic presentation of the ancient tradition of Yoga; brilliant musical concert featuring an ensemble of pianos and guitars; the International Women's Conference; the Youth Conference; the Food Festival and many more wonderful events!

For more information, visit World Culture Festival, July 2011. You can also follow the updates on Facebook by selecting 'Like' on World Culture Festival on Facebook. To follow the Twitter feed, please visit World Culture Festival on Twitter.

We'll see you in Berlin for the most spectacular celebration ever!

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